A Classic Tom Collins

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This is an old, old favorite recipe (sometime around 1860s) because it is easy to make, refreshing and delicious. Tom means Gin in barspeak, and Collins means sour. So, this is a fancy way to ask for a gin sour. This Tom Collins drink recipe is simple!

Bar supplies:

  • Shaker
  • Collins glass
  • Jigger
  • Ice
  • Stirring Spoon (optional)


  1. Fill the shaker with ice then measure out the gin and sour mix, pouring them into the shaker.
  2. Shake that shaker until ingredients are mixed or your arms are tired. Fill the Collins glass with ice and strain the mixture into the glass. Fill the glass to the top with soda water and garnish with a lemon.

A Twist:

This recipe calls for gin and we recommend you choose the gin of your liking. Over time, vodka has come to substitute for gin in this drink, known as a Vodka Collins (how about that). Also, you could substitute whiskey for gin to make a – we’ll let you name it. However, there are a couple of ways to make the sour mix for your Tom Collins vodka*

  1. 1 ounce simple syrup (half part sugar, half part water), to 3/4 ounces lemon juice (traditional)
  2. Equal parts simple syrup, lime juice and lemon juice (more citrus in flavor)