Calling All Gin Enthusiasts!

Meet our latest collaboration…Deviation Distilling Barrel Reserve Spice Trade Gin: Molly’s Private Blend 750ml

About The Hand Blended Whiskey Barrel Rested Gin:
This was one of the most hands-on collaborations we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of! Because each botanical Deviation Distilling uses is distilled separately, six Molly’s team members were able to create their own blend of the seven botanicals used in Deviation’s Spice Trade Gin. A blind taste test of all six gins was held and two favorites were selected. After some fine-tuning, a gin we all loved and thought would age well in our Distillery 291 High Rye barrels was created. From there we were involved in filling the barrels, tasting the gin at various points in the aging process, and in the bottling of the finished gin.

The Botanicals Used:
There are 7 different botanicals in this gin: juniper, lemon, Thai basil, ginger, peppercorns (predominantly Szechuan peppercorns), cardamom, and star anise.

Tasting Notes:
You’ll get hints of candied lemon peel, warm rye spice, and subtle vanilla in this full-bodied gin.

Imbibe on the rocks but also try it in a gin Manhattan. Because this private gin was aged in high rye barrels, we believe you can sub it in for any traditional whiskey cocktail. The barrel character also really complements the honey in a Bee’s Knees cocktail.

This Molly’s Private Blend is $39.99. Find on display by our tasting bar and in Spirits Lane #5 while supplies last! 

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