Get Ahead of these Fall Trends

October?! How is it already October? 2020 has truly flown by, but this month means that it’s officially time to spill the tea (or pumpkin spice latte) on our fall favorites. With a product team that knows what’s what in the land of adult bevs, we’re bringing you the low down on what we expect to see flying off the shelves.

hard kombucha

Hard Kombucha

When probiotics meet party time, you’re in for a treat. Health food fans have been raving about Kombucha for a while, but the spiked versions are about to take over. 

These fermented teas are loaded with antioxidants and probiotics that help with digestion and inflammation. Think of them as booze with a bonus since they’re loaded with nutritional benefits. 

Wondering which brand to buy? We recommend June Shine, Flying Embers, Jiant, and Kyla as a low sugar option. Now, drink up! Your body will thank you.

asian bevs

Asian Beverages

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, stock up on Soju and Sake. These Asian beverages have been steadily growing in popularity and will likely spike in the next few months. Impress your friends and family with some Eastern flavors that are way more exciting than your basic vodka cocktail. 

Stay on the lookout for new flavored Sojus by Soon Hari hitting our shelves next week.

buzz box

Buzz Boxes

Ever miss the simple joy of sipping on a juice box? Tell Capri Sun to move over, and get ready to relive your childhood while also getting buzzed on Buzz Boxes

They feature top-notch booze and 100% juice in a playful little package. Their nostalgic feel and variety of flavors also make them a prime candidate for product trends. Did someone say halloween goodie bags?

fruit beer

Fruited Beer

It’s fruited beer’s time to shine this fall, and we’re pretty amped up for it. Brewers have gotten really creative with their fruit infusions to make for some tasty brews. With a variety of flavors and styles, it should be easy to find a fruited beer that’s perfect for your preferences.

Pro tip: Check out our collab with Loveland Aleworks, A Fruit Less Traveled, to satisfy your fruited beer cravings! It’s a barrel-aged brew with a funky fruit called feijoa that adds notes of pineapple, guava and strawberry.

import beer

Imported Beer

Imports are making a massive comeback when it comes to beer. We expect to see plenty of people picking up brews from across the globe. Luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of international flavors in stock for you to sip on. 

Ever tried an Icelandic beer? Wondering which Mexican beer to pick up? Want to stick with a classic Beligian or German beer? We’ve got all your curiosities about imports covered, so don’t waste any time hopping on this trend.

Now that you have all this intel on seasonal trends, it should be easy to stay ahead of the curve. Stop by our stores to stock up on these product picks while you still can!

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