long island iced tea

Long Island Ice Tea

Bartenders are taught to make this cocktail with one simple rule – mix equal parts of all the white liquors in their well. This trick helps them when the bar is jumping and it is a good tip for you because the recipe calls to use all the basic liquors in your bar. While you end up mixing several ingredients it’s really a simple to make and always enjoyable. Just be careful to not over-pour the liquor, the recipe calls for quite a bit and this drink can pack a punch.

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rum punch

Molly’s Rum Punch

This is an easy drink to make and many home bars will have these ingredients on hand. If your home bar doesn’t have all of these ingredients, and it should, making a Rum Punch solves two things for you: 1) It helps stock your bar with necessary ingredients; and 2) It is a delicious drink to make and enjoy!

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Molly’s Mai Tai

This drink is a classic and one that is often made incorrectly. It calls for a unique ingredient –Orgeat, an almond syrup, something many bars, restaurant bars and home bars do not carry. So they improvise or worse, they mix a lot of rum and juice together and call it a Mai Tai. Don’t be fooled and don’t fool your guests. Take the time to get this drink right, it is a delicious nod to Tiki culture.

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A Classic Tom Collins

This is an old, old favorite recipe (sometime around 1860s) because it is easy to make, refreshing and delicious. Tom means Gin in barspeak, and Collins means sour. So, this is a fancy way to ask for a gin sour. Simple right – you can make this!

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amaretto sour

Molly’s Amaretto Sour

The great thing about the Amaretto Sour is the balance between the sweetness of the Amaretto, an almond-flavored Italian liqueur, and the sour of the mix. It’s a simple recipe to make and it is perfect for warm weather or when you feel like a little treat.

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whiskey bloody mary blank and booth

Whiskey Based Bloody Mary

A bloody Mary made with whiskey – what?? Oh, but this is delicious, especially when made with Denver’s own handcrafted Blank & Booth Hot Mess, a Hatch Green Chili infused whiskey. This recipe starts out by bringing some pepper spice and heat, two of the essential Bloody Mary components and pairs well with Salty Iguana’s Green Bloody Mary Mix.

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Strawberry, Mint & Cucumber Martini

A delicious and refreshing summertime cocktail can be made entirely with seasonal fresh fruit and your favorite vodka or gin. This recipe calls for using Hendricks gin because it is distilled with cucumber – as well as rose – so the fruits in the recipe pair very well with the gin.

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Sangria is a classic summer cocktail that is easy to make, refreshing and yummy! This wine based cocktail originated in Spain and requires fresh fruit, any type of wine (though red is traditional) and a little bit of time.

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Sweet Peach Tea Boozicle

Sweet Tea is a great summer drink in the afternoon – think of sitting on your porch, glass in one hand, a fan in the other, sipping and fanning to keep yourself cool. Now think of chillin on the porch, in the backyard, in the park enjoying a Sweet Tea Boozicle, with a peach twist. Now that’s summer living!

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French 75 Boozicle

There is nothing better than a chilled martini on a hot summer day, except maybe a martini that is a popsicle. This recipe takes a spin on a classic martini and then puts Molly’s Spirits unique spin on that. The result is a refreshing Boozicle that is sweet, cold and delicious.

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Bourbon Cherry Boozicle

So this recipe is a little involved – it’s not that it’s difficult it is just going to take a little time to make. However, with this work comes delicious rewards; delicious and potent rewards!

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Mollys Spirits Moscow Mule Recipe

Molly’s Mule

Once a drink craze of the 1950s, The Vodka Mule has reemerged among America’s drinking class a couple years ago and is again one hot cocktail. Or, is it the hot, cold cocktail – temperature is one reason it is served in a copper mug. Using ginger liqueur and soda water rather than the traditional ginger beer, Molly’s Spirits Vodka Mule recipe is a delicious twist on the original and is a perfect summertime cocktail.

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