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Sangria is a classic summer cocktail that is easy to make, refreshing and yummy! This sangria cocktail recipe originated in Spain and requires fresh fruit, any type of wine (though red is traditional) and a little bit of time. Our classic sangria recipe serves two.

Bar supplies:

  • Pitcher
  • Measuring cup
  • Knife and cutting board
  • Large stirring spoon
  • Ice


  1. Cut fruit then mix it with the wine, brandy or orange liqueur (or combination of the two) into a pitcher.
  2. Put the pitcher into the fridge for at least four hours – the longer the better (even overnight is fine).
  3. Pour into a glass, include fruit if possible and enjoy. A Sangria can be served over ice as well.

A Twist:

You can combine different types of wine or just use one style. Adjust the use of brandy and orange liqueur (like a Cointreau) if you prefer the sangria to be sweeter or to have more of a bite. Also play with using different kinds of soda – regular soda water or Sprite or 7Up or even sparkling wine if you want carbonation in your drink.