The Botanist

Behind The Spirit

The Story

The Botanist began back in 1881, when brothers William, John and Robert Harvey aspired to create the first Islay dry gin. From here, they sought out the help of world-renowned distiller, Jim McEwan, along with a team of botanists to turn this aspiration into a reality. After surveying the remote island of Islay, the team selected 22 wild botanicals to include in their recipe. The Botanist’s distillers still use this same recipe to this day!

The Culture

The word ‘wild’ is significant to The Botanist team. It is at the heart of everything they do. The team hand picks wild plants for their gin each year which gives it a unique flavor profile. They let the cycles of nature guide their distillation process and are passionate about operating sustainably.


Body: Satin smooth; it glides across the palate.

Nose: Aromas of mint, thyme, sweet gale, gorse and camomile.

Taste: Rich and mellow. Sweet and earthy notes combining with delicate floral and herbal notes.

Finish: Relaxed and balanced. Water mint, hawthorrn, wood sage, sweet cicely, cinnamon, citrus, soft juniper. 

Pairings: Smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches.

Molly's Staff Thoughts - Phil's Pick

“I first encountered the Botanist gin when I purchased a bottle to take to my daughter’s house. She is a major gin fanatic. We sat on her patio with some ice, tonic and fresh limes.

We noted that the nose was of citrus, mellow menthol and wild flowers. Upon second taste, the palate is crisp, refreshing and viscous. It has a mid-palate warmth with wonderful citrus throughout.”

The Botanist

Find out more about The Botanist brand here.

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