Denver Beer Club

Are you a craft beer enthusiast? Us too. That’s why we created the Molly’s Beer Club! We want to reward our awesome customers who love their craft beers with, you guessed it, craft beer. Not just any craft beer though, we’re talking the most sought after and hard to find beers out there.

So how do you get your hands on one of these allocated brews? Molly’s craft beer club subscription is free and easy to join, just sign up below! We notify beer club members via email when there are special release items that they can reserve for pick up. Many of these releases are first come, first serve, so you’ll want to pay attention to your email!

Not only will Molly’s craft beer club subscription get you access to the most exclusive beers Denver, Lakeside, Berkeley and West Highlands has to offer, but you also get to take advantage of our Rewards system! For every dollar you spend, we match you a point. Get 500 points, and take $5 off your next purchase!

Sign up for Beer Club

Our Loyalty program is free, we just need some basic information to keep track of your purchases. We won’t share your information with anyone outside of our store