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Fill Your Glass with the Best Beer Selections from Molly’s

Gone are the days when Miller Lite and Coors would cut it for any beer enthusiast out there. Now, people are looking to experiment with their beers, combining unique flavors and ingredients. Today, the beer industry offers options that are not only delicious and very drinkable but also as varied as the people who love them. When you want to taste the best modern beer has to offer, come in and see us at Molly’s! With two locations in Greenwood Village and Lakeside, CO, you always have a place for the best beers in the Denver area. Contact us today to learn more or schedule beer delivery right to your door!

A Full Range of Mass & Craft Beers

Molly’s has a superior selection of beers the competition can’t match. From classic favorites like Budweiser, Corona beer, Stella Artois and Amstel Light to the top craft beers from breweries across the nation, our emporium always has something in stock for every taste. Don’t know where to start? Talk to a talented member of our Molly’s staff, including in-house Cicerones, and let us help you find the perfect selection for any occasion. We’ll help you find the flavor and smooth beer finish you want from all the top beer types from across the industry, including:   

  • IPA: India Pale Ales (IPAs) are loaded with hops and give you a bold body and big finish. Robust, full-bodied and a little bitter, IPA beer has quickly become the choice for savvy beginners and aficionados alike.

  • ALE: Ale is like an old friend you love to see. Smooth yet flavorful with just the right blend of hops and barley, your classic ale selection will leave you satisfied at every sitting and pair perfectly with practically any meal.

  • LAGER: Lagers are beers you want to consume cold. They can be amber, pale or dark, but always age and serve best in lower temperatures. Giving off a malty, almost roasted aroma and flavor, lagers are sweeter than their ale cousins with a brown full body that’s perfect for celebrating Oktoberfest! 

  • PILSNER: Pilsners like to keep things light. Their crisp, snappy finish makes them ideal lounging beers that still pack in nice flavor on a hot day. Some of the most iconic beers on the market, including Budweiser, PBR and Coors, are made in the popular Pilsner style. 
  • STOUT: If you’re drinking stout, you like your beer dark, thick and strong. Stouts like Guinness, Founders and Boulevard pack in the malts to give them their trademark color and bitter flavor. They also combine well with other ingredients, like oatmeal, chocolate and coffee, to create a unique profile all their own.   
  • WHEAT: To put it simply, wheat is sweet. Because of the high infusion of the namesake ingredient, wheat beers tend to be lighter, less bitter and offer a wonderfully refreshing flavor that is tough to top when you have a thirst.   

  • HARD SELTZER: Relative newcomers to the beer scene, hard seltzers have become all the rage for their blend of fizzy bubbles and decent alcohol by volume (ABV). Hard seltzers mix all the fruity flavors people love – cherry, key lime, orange and others – to mask the alcohol taste and deliver a surprisingly strong kick in the glass that modern drinkers adore.

Molly’s Collaboration Beers

Looking for something local to drink tonight? Try a Molly’s collab! We craft our unique collaboration beers alongside local brewery partners and offer them exclusively at Molly’s. Each one of our beers gives you a taste and finish that’s as fun, flavorful and unique as we are. Released in 2018, Molly’s Sip of Colorado is our eighth exciting addition to the world of craft beer. We combined our powers with veteran brewers Aspen Brewing Company to launch this project, which saw immediate success. Sip of Colorado sits beside its sisters from New Image Brewing, Elevated Seltzer and others, including “Molly’s Elevated Seltzer,” “I Can’t Believe It’s Butter,” “Better Together,” and more. Fruit beer, sour ales, classic lagers, IPAs: Molly’s collabs are brewed with distinction at every turn in the rich, time-honored Colorado tradition that has made us a local favorite. Come into one of our beer store locations today and taste what you’ve been missing!     

Beer Delivery around Denver, CO

If you can’t make it to Molly’s to try our amazing choices of beer, wine and spirits, let Molly’s bring the celebration to you! We offer fast, affordable beer delivery throughout the Denver Metro area, and most orders can be there in under an hour. Simply make your selection from over 12,000 different options through the Molly’s website or downloadable app, and we’ll do the rest. Are you going to be in the neighborhood? Molly’s offers convenient curbside pickup as well to get you the provisions you need for any occasion. Delivery fees and order minimums are subject to change. Contact us today to learn more about our modern door-to-door delivery service. 

Get In Touch with Molly’s for the Best Beers in Denver, CO

Whether you’re taking your first leap into the world of craft beer or just want to relax with your faithful favorite, Molly’s Spirits has you covered with a beer selection that is second-to-none. Our staff loves beer and will always take the time to walk you through all of your choices to ensure you get what’s right for you. Call or visit us today and fill your beer fridge with options that will satisfy your thirst. Delivery and curbside pickup are available for your safety and convenience. We look forward to filling your glass!