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Check Out Stellar Selection in Greenwood Village & Denver

When you are looking for a wide range of high-quality spirits in Greenwood Village and Denver, CO, Molly’s Spirits is the place to visit! Not only do we carry the best spirits the industry has to offer, but you can also purchase ready-to-drink cocktails when you don’t have time to shake but want a great tasting beverage. We can help you find the right bottle for any occasion. Do you have a hard-to-buy-for bourbon drinker in the family? Or would you like to try cognac? Need a gin with the perfect botanical blend for poolside hangouts? Molly’s Spirits is the team to trust. Give us a call or visit the store today to get assistance or help answering any questions you may have. We also provide our customers with delivery or curbside options to ensure they stay safe.



We carry the industry’s best options and even have our very own Molly’s barrel selection to choose from when searching. No one knows our customers like we do, which is why we hand-select specific barrels to exceed your expectations regarding flavor profiles. We work with brand names you’ve already come to know and love, as well as local distilleries.


Whiskey is one of America’s most beloved spirits. Any whiskey profile can be enjoyed on its own, with some ice, or stirred into a classic cocktail such as the Old Fafshioned or Manhattan. And we don’t stop at bourbon. We carry a fine selection of ryes, scotches, Canadian Whiskey, and Irish Whisky. You can even find fun flavors such as peanut butter whiskey. Feel free to ask our staff anything about our offerings. They have all studied and read up on recent modifications and changes to help you get the profile you’re looking for in a whiskey.


Rum has seen a significant rise in popularity over the past few years, thanks in part to the revitalization of tiki culture and bars popping up all over the states. Molly’s Spirits has access to all of the well-known options and some of the more esoteric ones as well. You can get it in different flavors or allow a bottle to take you back to the country of origin, such as Jamaica, Trinidad, or Puerto Rico. We offer aged and unaged versions depending on your palette. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have about how to use rum, or where it came from to help understand its flavor profile even further.


The creation of tequila is steeped in history and tradition; whether you decide to go with the clean taste of a Blanco version or prefer something with a little age like a Reposado, we have you covered. Depending on your party’s size, we can supply you with 750ml, or we have 1.75L options available at great prices. You can also count on us to have sweet and sour, lime juice, agave, rim salt, and everything else you need for a margarita party in your backyard!


Mezcal translates to “over-cooked agave,” which is the primary ingredient used in the distillation process. This recently popular spirit has been compared to scotch because of the smokiness left behind when cooking down the agave hearts. Wonderful for sipping, the intense smoky flavor makes it an excellent substitute in classic tequila cocktails such as a margarita or Paloma.

Brandy & Cognac

While most experienced drinkers will consider these as sipping-only spirits taken neat or on the rocks, they’re actually quite versatile. Thanks to their unique flavor profile, they work very well with other aged spirits such as rum and whiskey. You could also consider the classic cocktail, Sidecar, and shake two ounces with lemon juice and triple sec. Having a glass of brandy on a cold Denver night by the fire is just the thing you need to feel warm and cozy. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have about this spirit and how you can responsibly enjoy it.



While England is one of the top producers of gin, the states have produced some stellar options over the years. Not all gins are created equal, though, and whatever you intend to use your gin with, we are happy to help one point you in the right direction. Whether you’re looking for Old Tom or a London Dry, you can count on Molly’s Spirits to have it in stock. 


Because of this spirit’s cleanliness, it is excellent at accepting and working with other flavors when building a punch or cocktail for your next party. You can also use it to make a fabulous martini for after work with just a little ice and/or olive juice. We also have vodkas available with flavors already built into them in the distilling process such as watermelon, lemon, blood orange, and many more.

Ready-To-Drink Cocktails

When you are on your way to a party or maybe headed out for a camping trip and want to bring a cocktail with you, Molly’s Spirits makes it even easier by having ready-to-drink cocktails. These canned and bottled options come prepared to drink once you pop the top. You won’t need to worry about bringing an entire bar kit or stressing about fresh fruit with our convenient options.

Visit One of Our Two Locations in Colorado Today!

Molly’s Spirits is the place to go when you are on the hunt for a fun, new, and tasty bottle of spirits. You can even join our Spirits Club to get updates on rare and single barrel options. Our team keeps up to date on all the latest trends and can answer most questions you have about the process to help you find the right bottle. Whether it’s a sweeter whiskey or a drier gin, our team has the experience and knowledge to help you out today! You can always call ahead or visit the store, but we also deliver and offer curbside assistance to help protect each other from contact.