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Art At Molly's

Behind the works of art at each of our stores

Since our inception, Molly’s has remained committed to supporting our local communities, including our local arts communities. We’re firm believers that art, like alcohol, brings people together and that the best art sparks conversation and thought. Each Molly’s location proudly features work from artists of different backgrounds and frequently rotates to provide an exciting experience for our beloved staff, partners and guests.


Luna by Darrell Ansted and Cynthia Allen

Molly's Spirits Lakeside

Pioneer by Don Kennell and Lisa Adler

Molly's Spirits Greenwood Village



Originally created for Burning Man 2018 as “Reflecting Connection,” Darrell Ansted and Cynthia Allen’s sculpture, now named Luna, found her home at Molly’s Lakeside. Utilizing mirror polished stainless steel, the artists were inspired to help people appreciate their own gifts. Luna invites people to stop, reflect and see themselves in a different way.


We worked with Denver-based mural artist KiriLeigh Jones to create the perfect backdrop for Luna’s stunning presence. KiriLeigh incorporated her traditional mandala-style work alongside Luna’s personality to design a complimentary piece.


Currently, Boulder-based artist Darrell Ansted is an enthusiast of sculpture, photography and manifesting community. He is chasing his bliss, traveling the world and making art as he goes.


Cynthia Allen grew up in Denver, CO, spending her youth immersed in creative outdoor play. She fell in love with metalworking in high school after an introduction to jewelry making and silversmithing. While her education and early career focused on environmental science, Cynthia recently took the leap and fully dedicated her time to her art. Now, she runs Wild Iris Metals out of her home studio and creates delicately-designed and whimsical sculptures and jewelry.


KiriLeigh Jones is a self-taught artist raised in the Bay Area of California. She picked up small, detailed illustration while working as a nail artist in San Francisco before relocating to Denver where it evolved from nails to mandala style art on paper. KiriLeigh started painting murals when a good friend asked her to paint a logo on the wall at their freshly renovated studio and it progressed from there. Whether it’s a wall mural or a sketch on paper, her goal is to create an experience through her art.

Darrell Ansted

Cynthia Allen

KiriLeigh Jones



Don Kennell and Lisa Adler love the animals and the natural environments that inspire their works of art. They also love connecting with the communities where their sculptures are located. In creating Pioneer, they sought inspiration from Commerce City. Their research led them to the buffalo, since buffaloes were the original creators of I-25. For hundreds of years before Denver was a city, the buffalo migrated along the path on which I-25 was built. Now, Pioneer, who is lovingly nicknamed Boozy the Buffalo at Molly’s, rests alongside I-25 at our Greenwood Village location ready to greet our friends both new and old.


First, Don Kennell and Lisa Adler fell in love. Then they made an art car. Then they had a couple of babies. They both did their graduate work at Rutgers University, he in art, she in the social sciences. This was in the nineties. They have been collaborators ever since. Love is a founding principle of their partnership and of the company that they run today.


They love bringing something of beauty into the world that resonates with the viewer. As a company, their mission is to activate public space while bringing nature into human consciousness.


Don and Lisa moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2000. They wanted to raise our family close to wide-open spaces and to be in a city with a thriving arts community. Don maintained a career as an artist and Lisa taught at the College of Santa Fe while they both raised their daughters. In the early 2000’s, Lisa led a number of community initiatives that connected students with local businesses, nonprofits and community development projects. During this time, Don and Lisa co-taught classes on the intersection of art and society.


They believe that space matters to human feelings and human endeavors. They believe that life is better when people feel connected to each other and to the places where we live. That connection makes people care about their community. When people care, life is better.