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Everything You Want to Know About Rum

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If you’ve explored many cocktails over the years, chances are you’ve enjoyed some rum along the way. Molly’s Spirits is proud to carry many types of rum and rum brands at our liquor stores in Lakeside and Greenwood Village, CO. Rum isn’t just for pirates and has an exciting history. Read the rest of this page to start your path to becoming something of a rum expert. You’ll impress your friends and family and be able to choose the perfect rum for any occasion. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team if you have any questions or need help picking out the right bottle of rum.

The Fascinating History of Rum

Rum is a popular type of liquor that can be traced back to the sugar cane in about 350 BC. The early version of rum was most often used as a medicine. When trade routes were opened throughout the world in the 1400s, sugar cane was grown on remote islands. Barbados was a key island used to grow sugar cane to make rum in the 1600s. Rum became popular in New England because it was cheap and got the job done. Rum was the drink of choice during America’s infancy and was popular with sailors, as depicted in the movies.

Knowing the Various Types of Rums

There are many types of rum. While many spirits are produced in specific regions or countries, rum is produced in over 70 countries using many methods. Check out some basics on the different types of rum you’ll encounter:


  • White or Clear Rum – This rum is clear and milder and lighter than other varieties. Most white rums are 80 proof in the U.S., are usually less expensive than more mature rums and are used in many cocktails.

  • Gold or Pale Rum – Rum takes on an amber or golden color as it ages in barrels. A golden rum is often more flavorful than a white rum and is often used in cocktails with more robust flavor profiles or enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

  • Dark Rum – These rums are usually aged in oak barrels for extended periods of time and offer a robust contrast of flavors compared to their counterparts.

  • Black Rum – This is the darkest, richest and heaviest bodied rum that is used for baking and candy making.

  • Other Rums – There are plenty of different types of rum, including Navy rum, premium aged rum, vintage rum, overproof rum, rhum Agricole, cachaca, aguardiente, and flavored and spiced rum.

The Most Popular Rum Brands

When looking for the best rum, you have many options. There are several rum brands on the market, and Molly’s Spirits carries quite a few. Check out this quick guide to some of the most popular rum brands:


  • Equiano Rum – the first African and Caribbean rum and contains no additives or extra sugar

  • Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario – has a kick and a lot of body, delicious in the winter with cinnamon and ginger flavors

  • Flor de Cana 18-Year-Old Rum – goes down smooth on the rocks or neat

  • Ten to One White Rum – fun and sophisticated and ideal for elevated, high-end cocktails

  • Angostura 7-Year-Old Rum – an award-winner made with a blend of seven-year aged rums

  • HH Bespoke Rum – this rum comes in a unique bottle and is rich and complex in flavor

  • Cruzan Single Barrel Rum – sip this award-winning aged rum neat or enjoy it on the rocks

  • The Kraken Black Spiced Rum – a 94-proof liquor with 13 spices distilled in Trinidad and Tobago

Which Bottles of Rum Are Best?

Now that you know a bit more about rum, it’s time to figure out how to choose the best bottles to bring home. We want to ensure you get a rum you’ll enjoy, so follow these tips to pick the best bottle of rum.


The first step is determining whether you want a rum to sip on or to create mixed drinks with. If you’re going to sip your rum, you’ll probably want to spend a bit more for higher quality, whereas a mixed drink may be fine with a lower-priced version. Knowing the rum distillation methods is also key. Single pure rum is the top pier and has only been produced by one producer. Single blended rum makes up the second tier, traditional rum is the third tier and modern rum comes after that. One of the best ways to choose your favorite rums is by sampling them or asking our staff questions.

The Most Popular Cocktails Made with Rum

There are many famous cocktails you can make at home with some good rum. When considering the best rum drinks and rum cocktails, look no further than drinks like the daiquiri, piña colada, mojito, planter’s punch, the hurricane, a mai tai, a Long Island iced tea or a cable car. Check out these quick and easy cocktail recipes you can make with rum.

Get Your Rum at Molly’s Spirits

Molly’s Spirits carries the best brands and types of rum at our liquor stores in Lakeside or Greenwood Village. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the ideal rum, so contact us today to learn more.