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Everything You Need to Know About Tequila

Molly’s Spirits Has the Best Selection of Tequila in Denver, CO

You’ve likely enjoyed some good tequila, but how much do you really know about what you drank? Tequila has a fascinating history, and Molly’s Spirits is proud to carry the best selection of tequila at our liquor stores in Lakeside and Greenwood Village, CO. We invite you to keep reading — you never know when you’ll have the opportunity to show off as a tequila expert at your next cocktail party. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or need assistance choosing the right tequila for you!

A Brief History of Tequila

You might have some crazy stories about your experiences with tequila (trust us, we all do…), but that isn’t what we’re talking about here. As the best-known Mexican spirit, tequila has been the liquor of choice for many people over the centuries. Tequila distillers must adhere to a strict set of rules, including making every bottle in the proper location and using the right ingredients. The first form of tequila was created by the Aztecs as fermented agave, called pulque.


It wasn’t until the Spanish invasion that agave distillation began. They created mezcal, and the first large-scale distillery was opened in the early 1600s in the town of Tequila. Modern tequila started in 1758 with the Cuervo family and was continued in 1873 by the Sauza family. Blue agave was identified as the best choice by Don Cenobio Sauza. The margarita was invented in 1936. In 1974, the word “tequila” became the intellectual property of Mexico.

Understanding the Different Types of Tequila

Not all tequila is created equal. In fact, there are three main types of tequila in addition to two other varieties. Understanding the differences between the following types of tequila will have you well on your way to becoming a tequila expert:


  • Tequila Blanco – Known in English as silver tequila, tequila blanco is unaged and distilled from blue Weber agave. Tequila blanco comes from one of the five western states in Mexico. Many bottles will be labeled “100% blue agave”, and blanco tequilas are ideal for margaritas.

  • Tequila Joven – A tequila labeled as joven likely contains a small amount of aged tequila that is blended with unaged tequila.

  • Tequila Reposado – This type of tequila is aged in American or European oak barrels for two months to a year. These tequilas are often used for more flavorful margaritas.

  • Tequila Añejo – These tequilas are aged for at least a year in American or European oak barrels. They can be used as alternatives for drink recipes that call for brown spirits and are also often sipped neat.

  • Extra Añejo – This rare version of tequila is aged for at least three years. Look for an amber color since gold tequilas often have caramel coloring paired with artificial flavoring.

The Most Popular Tequila Brands

When it comes to choosing the best tequila, it can often get overwhelming since there are so many tequila brands on the market. The right tequila depends on what you’re using it for, your budget and your tastes. Check out this quick guide for some of the best tequila brands:


  • Don Julio – best buy for under $50

  • El Jimador – best brand of budget tequila

  • Corralejo – best bang for your buck

  • T1 Tequila – best brand for reposado tequila

  • Grand Mayan – best tequila for making margaritas

  • Herradura – best tasting tequila

  • Tanteo – best unconventional tequila

  • Cazacanes – best brand for tequila blanco

  • Azunia – best paired with food

  • Dos Lunas – best tequila used for cocktails

  • Roca Patron – best overall tequila

  • Clase Azul – most expensive tequila

How to Pick the Perfect Tequila

If you want to impress your friends or your date or you just want to experience the best when it comes to tequila, you need to know how to choose the right bottle. Follow these steps to select the best tequila:


  • Checking the Label – Your tequila bottle should say where it comes from and have a certification stamp. Authentic tequila is made in Jalisco or other selected Mexican states. The label should also state that it contains 100% blue agave.

  • Staying on Budget – Some of the best tequilas aren’t necessarily expensive or fancy. Some of the most popular brands like Don Julio Blanco or Herradura will only cost you $20 to $30 a bottle. Many celebrities have gotten into the tequila game, and you can often find some good buys from their brands.

  • Knowing Your Taste – The tequila experts agree that there is no perfect tequila because it all comes down to personal taste. Try multiple brands and types of tequila to find some of your favorites!

The Most Popular Drinks Made with Tequila

The margarita is the most popular cocktail made with tequila, but there are several others, such as the tequila sunrise, the paloma, the Long Island iced tea and more. Good news for you: a margarita is one of the easiest cocktails to make and is very refreshing. The only ingredients you need for one of the most popular tequila drinks are tequila, triple sec and lime juice. You can serve a margarita straight up, on the rocks or frozen. Learn more about how to make these tequila cocktails at home.


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