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Golden City Brewing

Thu, Dec 01, 22  |  molly's spotlight

Behind The Brew - Golden City Brewing

Golden City Brewery was founded in 1993 by two geologists, Charlie and Janine Sturdavant. They filled the old machine shop behind their historic Golden home with used dairy tanks, and Charlie began brewing German-style ales.

Their tasting room was originally located in the sunroom of their house, and they served up Red Ale and Pale Ale to the local community in half-gallon growlers and kegs. While the operation has expanded since then, they remain at the same location, tied to the roots of their historic Golden home. 

The Golden City set up has transformed over the years: The carriage house is now the tasting room and the backyard is now the beer garden. The brewery is still in the machine shop, but they’ve added a second level inside. All the old “frankenbrew” equipment has been replaced with real beer fermenters and a slightly used gas-fired kettle. The brewery produces those now legendary Red and Pale Ales in addition to a handful of other brews.

Featured Product - Golden City Guava Bomber Sour


Style: Fruited Sour

ABV: 7.1% ABV

Taste: Slightly sweet but tart enough to satisfy your sour craving

Pairings: Mexican cuisine and other spicy foods

Molly's Staff Thoughts - Ron's Pick

“This is my go-to sour. It’s always in my fridge at home. I love the higher ABV and the great tropical flavor that can be enjoyed year round.”

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