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Molly's Old Fashioned

Tue, Dec 13, 22  |  recipes
Old Fashioned
Like the Manhattan and Martini, the Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail – one that takes just a little more work to make but that’s half the fun of this cocktail. There are several variations of the bourbon Old Fashioned recipe and while Molly’s Spirits Old Fashioned keeps more to the classic recipe it does offer a couple of fun twists to enhance the drink’s overall flavor. This Old Fashioned cocktail recipe serves one.

Bar supplies

  • Rocks glass
  • Sugar (brown and white)
  • Bitters (Angostura, Regans’)
  • Muddler
  • Stir spoon (optional)
  • Shaker (optional)
  • Water Pitcher (optional)
  • Ice
Ingredient Amount
Woodford Reserve Bourbon 2 ounces
Angostura Bitters 2-3 dashes
Regans’ Orange Bitters #6 1-2 dashes
Brown Sugar 1 cube
White Sugar 0.5 teaspoon
Cold Water 0.25 ounces


In a rocks glass, add both sugars, both bitters and the water and muddle or stir together. Add whiskey and ice and stir ingredients or transfer to shaker to shake and then pour back into the rocks glass. Twist a lemon peel (and an orange peel if you’re daring) over the drink, drop in the peels and enjoy.

A Twist:

Some twists on this cocktail include muddling an orange peel or wheel and also a cherry before adding the whiskey. Other twists to this cocktail include using club soda, sweet soda or sour soda as the mix rather than water.