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Woody Creek

Thu, Dec 01, 22  |  molly's spotlight

Behind The Barrel - Woody Creek Distillers

Their Mission

Woody Creek Distillers was founded with a simple mission in mind: to pour everything they are into everything they make. In order to turn this goal into a reality, they set out to make nothing but the finest craft spirits.

This standard was set by never using neutral grain spirits or blending with base spirits from other distillers. They grow and harvest most of their own ingredients, like the Rio Grande potatoes used for their premium vodka. However, when they do source ingredients, they only buy from trusted Colorado farms, like the rye in their 100% rye mash whiskey. We’re big fans of this focus on sourcing locally!

Finishing Touch

One of the elements that makes Woody Creek unique is the special finishing touch they put on all their products. They distill all of their spirits in custom CARL stills. These beautiful machines are a shining copper example of engineering meeting art.

Woody Creek claims these CARL stills turn the Earth’s freshest ingredients into the world’s most treasured spirits. Cheers to that!


What to Know About This Whiskey:


Background: 70% Colorado corn, 15% Colorado barley, and 15% Colorado wheat aged 6 years in 100% American oak barrels

Proof: 94

Tasting Notes: It carries enough heat to balance the sweet and has a perfect touch of oak.

Pairings: Sweet, smoky or slightly spicy foods


Molly's Staff Thoughts - Nic's Pick

“This Bourbon quickly became my everyday sipper. Smooth and mellow with just enough heat. Every sip lends a taste of the Colorado Seasons that it endured.”

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