6 Boozy Ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day

These days, we’ll take any excuse for an acceptable reason to celebrate. With National Coffee Day on September 29 followed by International Coffee Day on October 1, we’re in luck! This whole week is all about that morning cup of joe.

Regardless of which day you choose to celebrate, the most important part is how you celebrate. We’ve rounded up a few boozy ideas for inspiration… because what’s a holiday without a few festive libations?

We all know the merit of a classic Irish Coffee, but what if we served it up cold? That’s where the Jameson Cold Brew Irish Whisky comes into play. It combines two of our favorite things — cold brew and irish whisky — into one yummy package. It’s also made with Arabica beans grown in Brazil and Colombia. International flavors for the win!

If you’re a coffee fanatic, this one’s for you. Left Hand’s Nitro Milk Stout is packed full of classic espresso flavors and complete with the smooth sensation of Nitro. It’s soft roastiness and mocha notes are exactly what you need to double down on beer and coffee brews.

Wine and coffee might seem like an unlikely pair, but trust us on this one. If traditional java isn’t your jam, the Apothic Dark Red Blend is the perfect option for subtle coffee flavors. It’s a medium-bodied, delicious red wine with dark fruit flavors complemented by notes of coffee and dark chocolate. The only thing we have left to say about this one is yum.

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you’ll get a kick out of this coffee liqueur. Idlewild’s process of sourcing fair-trade beans and roasting them in-house makes this drink delectable during the day or at night. Since the distillery is local, this pick also provides a chance to support local business which warms our heart as much as a fresh cup of joe.

Brinley Gold Shipwrecked Coffee Rum

As the temperatures start to drop, we could all use a trip to the Caribbean. This pick is a molasses-based rum blended in St. Kitts, an island in the Caribbean. Brinley aged rum infuses their rum with Brazilian Coffee. It’s absolutely brilliant for the jolt of java you need.

If Holly Golightly had a beer of choice, it would be Breakfast at Molly’s. We teamed up with New Image Brewing Company to bring this brunchy beer to life. It’s a Vienna Lager with coffee and maple flavors making for the perfect festive pick. We’re so proud of this one that you could say we love it a latte.

Whoever gave us two coffee holidays this week, we applaud you. Visit our stores to pick up these favorites for what will likely be deemed the most caffeinated week of the year.

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