Dulce Vida’s Hundo Rita

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  1. Fill shaker with ice and shake all ingredients.
  2. Pour over ice in a salt-rimmed glass.
  3. Garnish with a lime wheel.
  4. Enjoy!


Making great tequila means starting with the finest ingredients. The foundation of Dulce Vida’s tequila differentiates us from the competition: Organic, 100% Blue Agave.

Dulce Vida produces their tequila in the village of San Ignacio Cerro Gordo at Campanario (NOM 1443) utilizing a Maquila approach to their operations, whereby their team is actively engaged in every detail, from harvest through distillation & aging. This vertically-integrated approach is very different from an arms-length transaction of importing product, or buying liquid from a distillery.

The concept of sustainability was very strategic in the selection of their tequila production facility. The facility not only had to be capable of making an award winning product, but also had to meet requirements for organic production and overall sustainability measures – being a kind partner to the environment and local community. A complete recapture of all production waste is performed and yields a nutrient-rich soil supplement to the local farming community. Furthermore, as a by-product of waste collection & processing, methane gas is captured, creating an energy source utilized to power the facility.

Dulce Vida is nationally recognized for its tequila heritage, earning top awards in numerous competitions. Dulce Vida has earned accolades as the most decorated and recognized craft tequila – lending claim as The Most Awarded Tequila.™ Top honors have been earned from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, New York International Spirits Competition, Los Angeles Spirits Competition, The SIP Awards, and Tequila.net. Aside from taste awards, Dulce Vida has also garnered first place medals from several recognized packaging associations.