Behind the Brew

The Location

Einstök is located just 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle in the fishing port of Akureyri, Iceland. There, water flows from rain and prehistoric glaciers down the Hlíðarfjall Mountain and through lava fields, delivering the purest water on earth. This provides the perfect foundation for brewing deliciously refreshing craft ales.

The Craft

Einstök is considered Iceland’s #1 Craft Beer. It takes them 9-12 months to release new styles because they are very meticulous about finding the right ingredients and testing different versions to ensure the best quality. They do not strive to come out with a new style every week — instead, they are relentlessly focused on quality over quantity. This mission has won them awards all over the world and fans in more than 22 countries. Including us!

Product Recommendations

Einstök Icelandic Toasted Porter

Taste: Smooth and roasty with some chocolate, toffee and licorice notes and a subtle coffee undertone.

Key Ingredients: Lager malt, Munich malt, chocolate malt, Bavarian hops and authentic Icelandic roasted coffee.

ABV: 6.0% 

Pairings: Steak, lamb chops, game roasts. Finish with chocolate.

Einstök Arctic Pale Ale

Taste: Mild, slight toffee, generous hop aroma and flavor from late hop addition.

Key Ingredients: Pale ale malt, crystal malt, chocolate malt, American and Bavarian hops.

ABV: 5.6% 

Pairings: Burgers, hearty vegetable dishes, pasta, chili and BBQ.

Molly's Staff Thoughts - Greg's Pick

“I love to drink local, but this toasted porter is one of my favorites. Notes of coffee and dark chocolate make it roasty and rich, with a robust yet smooth body. It pours a menacing black with a thick, bold, malty backbone and finishes with a nice bitterness in the background of a bold coffee and toasted malt and bitter chocolate.

If I’m in the mood for something hoppy, the Arctic Pale Ale is perfectly balanced with a blend of American hops, predominantly Cascade, and Bavarian hops. This Viking pale ale is perfectly balanced between robust hoppiness and smooth, malty undertones. Like so many IPAs, this pale ale doesn’t brag about the IBUs to your hipster friends who dress like lumberjacks.”

Einstok Olgerd

Find out more about Einstök and the rest of their products here.

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