Happy Hour Horoscope

Can’t decide which cocktail is calling your name? Turns out the sky might be onto something when it comes to your drink of choice. In honor of Libra season starting this week, we’re leaving it to the cosmos to pair cocktails with astrological signs. Use this guide to find out what boozy beverage is written in the stars for your next happy hour.

Libra: Mimosa

Libras tend to be very peaceful with an inherent appreciation for balance and symmetry. This makes a mimosa the perfect drink of choice since it is well-balanced with half orange juice and half champagne (unless you’re like Molly, who enjoys just a splash of OJ with her champagne). Since Libras also value other people’s opinions, they’ll appreciate this crowd-pleasing adult bev.

Scorpio: Bloody Mary

Bloody Marys aren’t for everyone — and neither are Scorpios. Scorpios tend to be very fierce and passionate, which is fitting for the premier hair of the dog order. Scorpios live for the shock factor of ordering this quirky beverage and love introducing their friends to new tastes. This drink is the perfect conversation starter, especially if it is ordered at an unexpected time.

Sagittarius: Mai Tai

The oh-so-curious Sagittarius needs an exotic drink to match their love for travel. Their apparent zest for life is similar to the zest of a Mai Tai. Plus, the name translates to “good” or “excellence,” which aligns nicely with the enthusiasm of a Sag.

Capricorn: Manhattan

Capricorns need a drink that’s independent and can stand on its own. The Manhattan is an excellent choice since it exudes maturity and sophistication. Caps are fiercely loyal, so it’s likely that this cocktail would be a go-to order. We can’t expect them to order more than one at time though… that would be way too irresponsible for a Capricorn’s comfort.

Aquarius: Mojito

Aquarians are as energetic, invigorating and refreshing as a Mojito. They appreciate originality and thrive on stimulating experiences. However, because they tend to overthink, it can be difficult for them to decide on a flavor if a menu is packed full of mojito options.

Pisces: Piña Colada

Pisces might just be the most likable of all signs. Their generosity and empathy make them the sweetheart of the group, and they need a sweet drink to match their personality. With its beautiful and artsy aesthetic, a Piña Colada and a Pisces make a perfect pair. Pisces can also be very emotional at times, so they need a drink that will brighten their mood. I mean, how can you be upset with a Piña Colada in hand?

Aries: Long Island Iced Tea

Aries are known for pushing boundaries and never playing it safe. Long Island Iced Tea is a beverage built for those who like to live on the risky side. With a Long Island in hand, Aries are ready to live impulsively and focus on having fun. They are also quick to make, so Aries can dive right in without much fuss.

Taurus: Moscow Mule

Trustworthy and reliable, a Taurus needs a go-to drink that will always show up and will give them the consistency they need. With a classic cocktail like the Moscow Mule, you can really never go wrong. It’s smooth and gives off major Taurus energy. Plus, nothing says ‘chill’ like drinking out of a copper mug, the perfect match for this sign’s ability to relax.

Gemini: Margarita

The split-personality Gemini needs a drink that’s unpredictable and can take on a variety of flavors. With margaritas, you really never know what you’re going to get. They range from spicy to sour to sweet and can feature lots of tequila or sometimes just a splash. Just as Geminis show up in many different ways, this drink will keep you guessing.

Cancer: Old Fashioned

Cancers don’t like conflict; in fact, they will avoid it at all costs. In general, they tend to stick to what they know and rarely get outside of their comfort zone. The Old Fashioned is a tried and true cocktail full of familiar flavors. This classic drink will leave them feeling comfortable since it has been a favorite for decades.

Leo: Dirty Martini

Leos don’t shy away from the spotlight and need a drink that’ll put all eyes on them. The Dirty Martini is dramatic, glamorous and full of bold flavors. Ordering a dirty Martini exudes confidence and stands out from the crowd of sweet cocktails. One might say it’s a bit of an acquired taste, just like Leos who can be a little extra and over the top.

Virgo: Gin & Tonic

Virgos are known to be practical, thoughtful and straight-forward. With qualities like these, we confidently ship them with a classic G&T. This no-nonsense beverage is easy to make and extremely convenient, both qualities that a Virgo would appreciate. Plus, it’s great to order in almost any situation, which screams practicality.

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