Travel the World with These Wine & Cheese Pairings

There’s no fancier feeling than breaking out a few decadent wine and cheese pairings with the exception of traveling the world… but what if we did both? Let your imagination run wild as we guide you across the globe to a few of our favorite wine regions. We all know that’s the only version traveling we’ll be doing this year. 

We’ve hand selected a few bottles with exceptional international flavors and paired them with our favorite cheeses. You can ditch the plane tickets and leave the passports at home for this trip. If you were just looking for an excuse to build a cheese board, we’ve got those cravings covered, too.


Wine: Vietti Moscato D’Asti

Cheese: La Tur 

Bellissimo! This is the stuff that “Date Night” should be made of! The wine has notes of succulent orange blossoms on the nose and a delicious and delicate sweetness. The cheese is plumey, delicate and light. Add in a little salty charcuterie and you have the perfect trifecta. 

Enjoy with a sunset or under the stars! Either way, we promise a little Italian romance never disappoints.


Wine: Montebuena Rioja Cuvee KPF

Cheese: Aged Manchego 

How could we make a list of wine countries without mentioning Spain? We consider this pairing the old married couple of wine and cheese. It includes Spain’s most famous wine and a beloved cheese that make for a top-notch, tried-and-true duo. 

Montebuena, made from 100% Tempranillo, boasts ripe plum, coffee and vanilla notes. Its mate is rich, nutty and almost gamey – think drippings off of broiled lamb chops. Pick up these favorites if you’re ready to relish in the flavors of the famous Rioja wine region.

New Zealand

Wine: Sea Pearl Sauvignon Blanc 

Cheese: Chévre Goat Cheese

If you keep up with the latest in the wine world, you’re probably familiar with the merit of the Marlborough region of New Zealand. It has quickly risen to fame as a New World wine favorite and is now deemed a premier destination for lovers of Sauvignon Blanc. 

When it comes to this speciality white, producers have perfected their craft to achieve refreshing acidity with complex mineral undertones. We recommend pairing this brilliant wine with a soft, creamy Chévre goat cheese. It’s truly a match made in heaven!

South Africa

Wine: A A Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc

Cheese: Brie 

Oh how we love South Africa and its coastal wine region! This pairing is a delicious and complementary combination. This wine’s notes of lemon and balanced acidity are perfectly matched to the smooth, buttery taste of brie. 

Do yourself a flavor and pick up this pairing ASAP. You’ll be transported to the taste of Cape Town in no time.


Wine: Loscano Grand Reserve Malbec 

Cheese: Gorgonzola 

Close your eyes. Picture a beautiful mountain range complimented by the whisper of a river rushing and a crisp, gentle breeze. You’re sipping on a red that envelops the senses with an exquisite bouquet of sweet and spicy plum. Your next bite consists of a creamy cheese with a sharp, spicy flavor. 

Ah, this is the sensation of sipping on brilliant wine in the Uco Valley of Argentina. You can take vacation right from your home! No need to worry about missing your flight.


Wine: Graham’s 10yr Tawny Porto 

Cheese: Stilton

A pairing of pure decadence! Nutty, caramelized apple tart fruit expression meets fudgy, buttery crumbles interlaced with tangy blue veins. 

If you’re taking a trip to Portugal, going all out is a must. Extravagant views complimented with indulgent flavors. Your tastebuds will thank you — this is the taste of royalty.

We hope you enjoyed this journey across the globe. International travel might be limited these days, but there is no shortage of opportunities to indulge in fine wine and cheese! Stop by our stores to treat yourself while crossing a few wine countries off the list.

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