Long Island Ice Tea

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Bartenders are taught to make this Long Island Iced Tea cocktail recipe with one simple rule – mix equal parts of all the white liquors in their well. This trick helps them when the bar is jumping and it is a good tip for you because the recipe calls to use all the basic liquors in your bar. While you end up mixing several ingredients it’s really a simple to make and always enjoyable. Just be careful to not over-pour the liquor, this strong cocktail recipe calls for quite a bit and this drink can pack a punch.

Bar supplies:

  • Pint glass
  • Jigger
  • Ice
  • Stirring Spoon (optional)


  1. Fill a pint glass with ice then measure all the spirits and pour into the glass. Add the lemon juice and stir with spoon until thoroughly mixed.
  2. Fill the glass with the cola of your choice, garnish with a lemon and enjoy!

A Twist:

While the Long Island Iced Tea is topped with a cola, the Long Beach Iced Tea is topped with cranberry juice.

Pro Tip:

If possible, it’s always better to shake or stir a cocktail before adding soda to avoid agitating the carbonation and having it explode all over.