Meet the Brewery: Uinta Brewing

meet the brewery unita brewing

Uinta Brewing

The state of Utah is known for many great natural wonders – from Bryce Canyon to Zion National Park to the slopes around Park City. The state is also known for its adherence to strict alcohol laws. Because of these laws, it was a wonder of its own when Uinta Brewing Company opened for business in 1993 in a renovated Salt Lake City automotive garage. The brewery’s philosophy can be summed up as: “There’s no one right way to get anywhere. What you need isn’t a well-trod path, it’s a compass to trust as you cut your own.” Following his own path and the trails and wonders of Utah is how founder Will Hamill ended up opening a brewery in Utah.

Honoring Utah Heritage

Uinta Brewing Company is named for a mountain range that extends across northern Utah from Salt Lake City into western Wyoming. The Uinta (pronounce You-in-tuh) are a subrange of the Rocky Mountains and are the highest range in the contiguous United States running east to west. Naming themselves after this range is just one way the brewery honors the state and its traditions. The Golden Spike Hefeweizen honors those who worked on the trans-continental railroad; the Dubhe is name after the state star; and the Cutthroat Pale Ale is named after the state fish.

Beer of the Month

Molly’s Spirits is happy to have Uinta Brewing Company as our August Beer of the Month. We love Uinta’s adventurous style as much as we do their delicious beers. Whether you are looking for a great beer to enjoy in the backyard or on the trail, stop by Molly’s Spirits and pick up a six pack or three of the Uinta Brewing beers we offer.

Cutthroat Pale Ale

Uinta Brewing’s flagship beer is their Cutthroat Pale Ale, named for the Cutthroat Trout that is native to the great basin and rocky mountain regions. This traditional American Pale Ale pours amber in color and medium body from the sweet, caramel malts and ends with a piney hop finish. It is a session beer, with only a 4-percent ABV and its 45.7 IBUs put it smack in the middle for this style. This beer is easy drinking and perfect for after work or play and like all Uinta’s beers, it is packaged in both bottles and cans.

Baba Black Lager

Another of their popular beers, the Baba Black Lager is Uinta’s version of a German-style Scwarzbier. Black in color and rich in malt flavor this robust yet smooth drinking dark lager brings roasted coffee and sweet chocolate flavors with a little dry and crisp finish, both from the roasted barely and its well apportioned hops. This style is a lager’s version of a porter but because it’s a lager it is a smoother drinking beer. Like the Cutthroat Ale, Uinta’s Baba Black Lager is a session beer, coming in at 4 percent alcohol, perfect for a beer after work or on the weekend. This beer pairs well with a variety of meats including barbeque, sausages, and baked hams.

Hop Nosh IPA

Beer Advocate designated Uinta’s Hop Nosh IPA as ‘world class’ and for good reason. This IPA brings the hops, both bittering and aroma, hitting 82.4 IBU well above the average for an American-style IPA. Its generous hopping is noticeable in every sip and gives Hop Nosh a piney and citrus taste, flavors that are well-balanced with caramel malts. It also hits the average for ABV for this style, coming in at 7 percent. The Hop Nosh IPA is a treat whether at a camp site or for relaxing after a day’s work. It pairs well with spicy foods such as Cajun, Indian, Mexican as well as Asian cuisines.

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