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Behind The Vine - Loscano Wines

Loscano winemakers set out to consistently honor tradition while also pursuing innovation. They take their process very seriously and consider it pivotal to making the best possible wines.

With generations of experience, they have perfected their harvest to ensure that all wines maintain exceptional quality. One key step in the harvest is hand-sorting grapes using keen eyes to pick out the best of the batch.

Another important detail is their fermentation process, which can last up to 24 days and takes place in concrete eggs, stainless steal tanks and oak barrels.

We find this dedication to process very admirable. No wonder all their bottles are so memorable and delightful!

Uco Valley

The snow-covered Andes Mountains frame the backdrop of the Uco Valley, where Argentina has been producing wine since 1551. The grapes of this region are some of the finest in the world due to the area’s altitude and unique climate conditions. 

The soils are the secret behind their great wines. A loom clay soil which offers the right nutrients and perfect drainage. With only eight inches of rain per year, they rely heavily on the snow melt of the Andes, which is delivered through a drip system. 

Background: This is a delightful expression of this varietal from Tupungato in the Uco Valley. The stunningly enhanced and elevated flavor profile is the result of grapes grown on old vines in upper elevations where thermal amplitudes work wonders. 

Tasting Notes: An aromatic, complex wine with a fragrant bouquet of fresh berries and cassis. Evolves on the palate to include notes of chocolate, black pepper and caramel. Integrated tannins support the finish with hints of fruit and vanilla.

Pairings: Hard cheeses such as aged cheddar or gouda

Molly's Staff Thoughts - Michael's Pick

“Vintage to vintage, both of these wines continue to impress. We frequently extoll that they are two of the best wines under $20 for their varietals, regardless of growing region.

Amazingly low production with the Malbec being approximately 1,700 cases and the Cabernet Sauvignon under 600 cases. The time to try these wines is now; before they catch on and become difficult to find.” 

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