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The Story

Leopold Bros is an independently owned distillery founded by brothers Todd and Scott Leopold. The pair began by opening a microbrewery in Ann Arbor, MI that was well-known for its eco-brewing techniques.

In the mid-2000s, the brothers decided to relocate to their home state of CO. From here, the distillery was born has continued to innovate with a focus on quality and sustainability.

The Ingredients

The Leopold Brothers pride themselves on using only the best grains, fruits, botanicals, herbs and spices. They never use flavoring agents, artificial flavors or colors, glycol, glycerin or high fructose corn syrup. All of this combines to make pure quality products that we love.

These ingredients come from family farms and orchards, like their rye from fields located only twenty-five miles north of the distillery, the barley growing in Colorado’s San Luis Valley, the Palisade peaches on Colorado’s Western Slope, and more. When you support local businesses like Leopold Bros., you’re also supporting the incredible small businesses that they support in the process.

The Malt Floor

Leopold Bros. floor malts their own Colorado-grown grains on-site at their distillery, which is located North of I-70 just off Havana. They are one of a handful of distilleries in North America, and the only one in Colorado, that utilizes this method that dates back centuries. They are currently working on the expansion of their malting facility, which will soon make them one of the largest floor malting operations in the world. It’s impressive and multiple stories tall! Unfortunately, their distillery is closed to the public right now due to the pandemic, but that won’t stop us from enjoying their delicious range of spirits from home.

Product Recommendation

Leopold Bros. American Small Batch GinABV: 40% Tasting Notes: A citrus-forward American gin Pairings: Smoked salmon, ricotta cheese Notable Mentions:
  • “Best American Gin” -The Wall Street Journal
  • “…the pioneers of the American small batch gin…” -Gizmodo

The Details: First, it is American. Master Distiller Todd Leopold handcrafts every batch in a small 40-gallon copper still, blending uniquely American botanicals like hand-zested Florida oranges and California pomelos. These components lend citrus notes to the gin, and help distinguish American gins from their English counterparts.

Second, all the botanicals are distilled in fractions, meaning that each component of is distilled separately and then blended to create the finished spirit. Unlike mass-produced gins where the flavors are muddled or can be overpowering, fractional distillation allows each individual note to be highlighted, resulting in a softer, more refined, and more approachable spirit.

Finally, each gin is crafted in small batches, rather than in a continuous still. Thus while there is marked consistency from batch to batch, each has its own unique signature – much like fine wine. Each handcrafted batch is unique, yielding only fifty cases of an exceptionally complex yet subtle spirit which both those new to American Gin and the connoisseur will appreciate.

Molly's Staff Quote: Mollie's Pick

Not only is Leopold Bros. Small Batch Gin delicious, it also comes from some really great people. We have had the pleasure of working with Todd Leopold on many occasions, including during an episode of Molly’s Liquid Lounge earlier this year, and his passion and knowledge is always mind-blowing. This is the gin I recommend to all of my friends, especially if they are trying to shop local!

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