Pierre Sparr

Behind the Vine

The History

Jean Sparr founded the Sparr winery in 1680. Over the next 300 years, nine successive generations of the Sparr family worked the land, maintaining and expanding their estate. When Pierre Sparr took over the winery in the early 1900s at the age of 20, his innate business sense made him one of the pioneers in estate bottling in Alsace. His motto was “invest, progress and maintain” — a motto that continues to describe the domaine that is named in his honor, “Maison Pierre Sparr Successeurs.”

Today, the Pierre Sparr team is meticulous about the care of the vineyards. Their philosophy is that “the quality of a fine wine already exists in the grape.” In other words, the quality of a wine is determined in the vineyard — by viticulture and especially by the soil. For many years, they have researched the different factors that contribute to the personality and originality of each parcel of its land. We admire their attention to detail!

The Head Winemaker

Corinne Perez first fell in love with winemaking while studying agriculture in Beaujolais. She went on to earn her DNO degree then traveled the world working harvests in places like Oregon and Australia.

Corinne thrives on the diverse aspects of being a winemaker: from collaborating with the cellar team to monitoring vine and grape development in the summer and early fall, and even the endless analysis that is an integral part of winemaking.

Corinne admires Pierre Sparr for the innovative, quality-focused practices they initiated in the region. She also strongly believes in the importance of sustainable practices in the vineyard and is a strong advocate for Pierre Sparr’s drive to HVE3 certification with the 2021 harvest.

The Region

Pierre Sparr wines come from the famous Alsace region, which sits on the western border of France and eastern border of Germany. Alsatian viticulture dates back to 58 B.C. and the Roman Empire. Throughout history, Alsace has been prized for its vineyards and fine wines. 

Part of what makes the area unique is the 13 different soil formations it offers. These varied terroirs explain the clear differences found in the wines: their individuality, subtle aromas and distinctive flavor profiles. Each Pierre Sparr wine is a testament to the happy marriage between exceptional, well-tended soil and the generous climate of Alsace.

Product Recommendations

Pierre Sparr Cremant d’Alsace Brut Reserve

Varietal: 80% Pinot Blanc, 20% Pinot Auxerrois

Color: Light yellow with green reflections and fine, glittering pearl beads

Taste: The soft mousseux leaves a pleasant feeling on the palate, accompanied by a racy, powerful body and crisp, lemony acidity that brings freshness.

Pairing: Triple Cream Cheeses or Foie Gras

Pierre Sparr Cremant d’Alsace Brut Rosé

Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir

Color: Salmon Pink

Taste: On the palate, round and fruity with hints of peach; the flavors are intense, with lively acidity framed by a well-made structure and delicate bubbles. 

Pairing: Salad fare of all sorts

Molly's Staff Thoughts

“I first discovered the wines of Pierre Sparr at Duo, one of my favorite local restaurants. Bobby was behind the bar raving about the finesse and integration of these reasonably priced and food friendly wines from Alsace, France. He was right!

Since then, I have had the opportunity to visit the magical land that they come from, and I have fallen in love with Alsace, its people and its wines. While it is in France, the cuisine, wine, beer and architecture are far more Germanic. It is also home to some of the steepest vineyards I have ever seen. Living at Denver’s high elevation gave me a leg up against my travel companions as we raced straight up the vineyard rows literally on all fours! 

Easter is coming up, and it should be noted that the folklore origin of the Easter Bunny heralds from Alsace.”

Pierre Sparr Logo

Find out more about Pierre Sparr and the rest of their wines here.

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