Drinking Game: Molly’s Thanksgiving Sip-A-Thon

Have you been personally victimized by an overbearing family this holiday season? We may be able to help. 

Fill up your glass and get ready to take on the Molly’s Thanksgiving Sip-A-Thon! We’ve created a drinking game that’ll help you survive those awkward family moments — or Thanksgiving Zoom calls — one sip at a time.

Take a sip every time...

  • Dinner gets pushed back
  • A family member comments on your dating life
  • There’s a debate over whether the turkey is really done
  • A family member can’t figure out how to connect to zoom
  • The host makes everyone say what they’re thankful for
  • A family member plays premature Christmas music
  • A guest insists on watching football
  • Someone falls asleep after dinner
  • A relative gives you unsolicited advice
  • A guest proclaims they ate too much
  • Someone uses the phrase “new normal” or “unprecedented times”
  • A family member brings up politics/the election
  • A relative drills you about school or work
  • A guest makes an uncomfortable joke
  • A grandparent complains about cell phones

Bonus Round: Take a sip for every...

  • Last minute trip to the store
  • Dietary restriction in the family
  • Family quarrel at the dinner table

Kudos to anyone who makes it through this list! It might be a good idea to stock up on booze before the holidays. Ready to spice things up? Game on!

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