What Your Go-to Mountain Says About Your Ski Drink of Choice

We’re lucky to live in a state with so many mountains to choose from. Not only does each mountain offer its own unique terrain, but also they each come with varying reputations and cultures. Today, we’re guessing your après ski drink of choice based on your go-to Colorado mountain.

Warning: Roasts are the best way to stay warm in the winter. All roasts included in this post are in good fun.

Vail, Bourbon

If Vail is your go-to mountain, you probably learned how to ski before you could walk. It is Colorado’s biggest resort by acreage, and the world-famous back bowls have made it quite the ski destination. The upscale resort attracts a crowd that tends to be spendy and middle-aged. It is not considered a “party mountain”, so visitors will likely want to savor their drink, which makes bourbon the perfect match. Whether it’s from 10th Mountain, a local favorite or other high-quality distillers, the bottom line is you’re not messing around with cheap shooters.

Breckenridge, Fireball Shooters

On the flip side, Breckenridge is known for being a social mountain with a young crowd and a great nightlife (in non-COVID times, of course). If this is your go-to spot to ski, you’re probably not from here, but you like to party. For that reason, we’re guessing your jacket is stuffed with Fireball shooters and you might get caught filming a TikTok to the a-a-aye, I’m on vacation trend.

Keystone, Coors

If Keystone is your favorite mountain, you probably live in Denver and left at 5:00 a.m. to get first tracks. One of the best parts of Keystone is the terrain park, so you might be spending most of your day there. If not, you might be cruising on some of the best and longest blue and green runs in Colorado. Your drink of choice is most likely Coors because it’s easy, cheap and a classic Colorado beer. We’d also place bets that you snuck at least one onto the lifts.

Aspen, Grey Goose

If you consider Aspen a “go-to” rather than a vacation spot, we’re guessing you’re famous, friends with someone famous or work at the resort. This mountain is known for attracting celebrities including the Kardashians, who recently broke the internet with their Aspen Instagram posts. That being said, we’re guessing you’re fancy and definitely have Grey Goose on hand. The mountains pictured on the bottle are perfect for your ski trip aesthetic. As far as the terrain is concerned, Aspen offers some great skiing with Snowmass consistently being ranked among top destinations.

Arapahoe Basin, PBR

Can we get a Sko Buffs? You’re probably either a student at CU Boulder or a Colorado local. It’s likely that you’re also pretty good at skiing or boarding because this mountain can get steep. Like many, you probably swear by this mountain and lovingly refer to it as “A-bay”. When it comes to drinking, PBRs are good enough and budget friendly. Not to mention, an ice cold Pabst really hits the spot on a lift ride. 

Fun fact: Fred Pabst was an avid skier. He operated as many as 17 Eastern US ski resorts at one time and loved skiing himself. One could consider this mountain drink a tribute to a man who devoted much to the skiing community.

Winter Park, Idlewild Coffee Liqueur

If Winter Park is your go-to mountain, you probably drove in from Denver and can’t wait to hit the Mary Jane slopes. You might need a pick-me-up to get through a long day of skiing followed by the inevitable I-70 traffic on the way home. This makes Idlewild Coffee Liqueur your best bet for boozing on the mountain. There’s nothing better than adding some extra heat to your cup of joe while also supporting a local distiller.

Steamboat, Mimosa

Ah, Steamboat. Everyone loves Steamboat. The only catch is its distance from Denver. If this is your favorite mountain, you probably love weekend trips and are pretty laid back. Your drink of choice is most likely a mimosa to fuel a long day of skiing or a visit to the hot springs. Just make sure you don’t trash your Airbnb… security deposits aren’t cheap!

Beaver Creek, Spiked Hot Chocolate

If Beaver Creek is your favorite mountain, you probably have a sweet tooth. The resort is known for the freshly-baked cookies handed out at the base. You probably drink spiked hot chocolate since it pairs nicely with both the cold mountain temperatures and the cookies. Many claim that Beaver Creek is Colorado’s most underrated mountain since the conditions are good and it is usually less crowded than other resorts. You probably live for the shorter lift lines.

Let us know if these predictions were on point or if we totally missed the mark. Also, don’t forget to stock up before you hit the slopes!

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