The Gym Rat: Holiday Gift Guide 2020

For the one who won't stop working out...

  1. Athletic Brewing Company: A non-alcoholic craft beer with a great taste. Bonus: it was made by athletes for athletes.
  2. FitVine Wines: A great gift for anyone born to run! Even if the run we’re taking about is a Target run. 
  3. Lifevine Wines: These wines are natural and clean with less than 1 gram of sugar. The ideal gift for any health nut!
  4. Skinny Girl Margaritas: Full of flavor minus the calories! Perfect for your favorite fit girl.
  5. Heavyweight Wines: Take the heavy lifting out of gifting with Heavyweight Wines! Your gym rat will thank you.
  6. Spiked Snowmelt Electrolyte Series: A spiked seltzer with electrolytes? Say less.
  7. Seedlip Non-Alcoholic: These non-alcoholic spirits come in several flavors and act as a great substitute for any spirit in your favorite cocktails. Their new favorite mocktail awaits! 
  8. Boochcraft Hard Kombucha: Good for your gut and staying healthy at happy hour!

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