The Locavore: Holiday Gift Guide 2020

For the locavore in your life...

  1. Locavore Beer Works: This brand is committed to supporting neighborhood businesses, artisans, craftsmen, charities and the local industry. It was founded on the belief that our local community should be the first source for all of our needs. 
  2. Leopold Bros. Distilling: This family-owned and operated distillery is an excellent local choice for high-quality Colorado Spirits crafted right here in Denver!
  3. Resolute Brewing Company: This microbrewery is a close neighbor to our Greenwood Village location. We love working with them and are big fans of their brews.
  4. Boulder Spirits: Excellent malt whiskey, bourbon and gin distilled locally in Boulder! Plus, they’re pretty cool people. This Colorado company is definitely one worth supporting with your gifting.
  5. Kingman Big Hat Wines: Wines made from exclusively Colorado grapes! Locally-sourced and produced, which we love.
  6. Colterris Wines: Colterris’ tagline boasts: “from the Colorado land.” Their wines are intentionally estate-grown and estate-bottled. This wine will remind any Colorado resident of their home state.
  7. BookCliff Wines: Colorado grapes express the character where they are grown – high altitude desert at 4,600 feet – and they are proud of making wine that captures this uniqueness in the glass.
  8. Molly’s Elevated Seltzer: We couldn’t resist throwing our own collaboration with Elevated Seltzer, based in Arvada, into the mix. We’re proud of this partnership that brought together two Colorado brands!
  9. Brewery Rickoli: Brewery Rickoli is well-known for brewing small and drinking big. They are one of the smallest breweries in Colorado and take pride in curating a neighborly atmosphere at their location in Wheat Ridge.

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